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The Road to Positive Discipline: A Parent's Guide



What is ‘Positive Discipline’?

Well, it’s not so much a ‘method’ of treating children as it is an ‘attitude’toward children. It’s an attitude that stems from an understanding, awareness, and knowledge related to  Child Behavior/Development. More simply put, Positive Discipline reflects little more than the axiom, ‘Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated’.

This book will attempt to address the various obstacles standing in the way of parents being able to display the appropriate attitude toward children that is necessary for Positive Discipline to become implemented in the home. I say this because the concept and practice of Positive Discipline is, in of itself, fairly simple as a parenting approach. The key to this form of discipline is dependent on a knowledge and understanding as to why children behave as they do. This knowledge and understanding is the most effective means by which parents can raise the level of their parenting skills, while enhancing the quality of the parent-child relationship.

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